Paying for this book

Inspired by Matthew Butterick’s experiment1, I am publishing my translation of Leonid Andreyev’s stories online using an honor payment system. Here’s how it works. The whole of the book is available to read here on this site, without paywalls or ads. Feel free to browse and read. If you have enjoyed the book, please consider purchasing either the ebook or the paperback version. The ebook is available in .mobi and .epub formats, which are supported by Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and most other ebook readers. Ebook payments and downloads are handled by Gumroad, a popular and reputable self-publishing platform. The paperback is available at Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

Buy ebook $5 Buy paperback $9.99

Can’t pay? Please share

If you’ve enjoyed the book but can’t pay, please consider sharing a link to a story you liked. An honor system like this only really works at scale, so every single shared link is very appreciated. Thank you.

— Dmitry Fadeyev (Translator)

  1. Matthew Butterick started an honor payment experiment with his publication of Practical Typography. The method worked and you can read a detailed account of the results here

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